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Michele, Optician & Managing Partner

You may know Michele from Granville Optical in downtown Vancouver, where she worked as an optician for over 30 years.  Michele is a highly skilled optician who is passionate about helping people find their perfect eyewear that seamlessly blends fashion and function.


As someone who wears glasses herself, Michele understands how important glasses are to your vision, quality of life, and how you look and feel. Michele will take the time to understand your needs and find the eyewear that is right for you. She will ensure that your glasses look fabulous, work with your lifestyle, and above all, are comfortable to wear.


Many of her customers return to Michele year after year – some of whom she’s had from day one! Michele continues to work with many of Vancouver’s film production companies to supply their actors with the perfect look. So if you feel you need a makeover, come and see Michele!

Store pooch

Biscuit, our furry (but hypoallergenic) friend

OK, we know Biscuit is no optician, but he has been at Niche since the beginning. He has grown up surrounded by the latest eyewear – he attends all the tradeshows and knows all of the top designers personally. Unfortunately, Biscuit will happily trade a pair of designer glasses for a meaty rawhide bone. Luckily Biscuit is not the managing partner – left in Biscuit’s hands, Niche would quickly become a specialty bone store.